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Just wanted to say thank you to all that were involved with the commissioning. My family and I had a great time (other than Brrrrr). The Association should be proud of it part in keeping the Navy traditions alive and well. A special thank you again to Frank for your help to me. 
James Embrey

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Thank you, Jim, for the kind words.

Lots of work for all involved but it sure was worth it.   Navy tradition is, indeed, something which we can count on through all the years - from my being a nineteen-year-old and part of the 1960 commissioning of CLG-4, to last Saturday's event.  The technology has changed, the ships look different, but the order of the ceremony was the same.  And that's how the Navy has conducted itself from sailing ships to the electronic marvel of LCS 9.

Frank E. Berglas
1st VP, Secretary/Treasurer
USS Little Rock Association
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