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By way of background to this topic, I see the USS Little Rock Association has at least two pages (here and here) pertaining to the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5). Some people claim that RADM Lawrence Geis, COMCARDIV 4, had two unsecured voice communications with SecDef McNamara and then later with McNamara and LBJ on the day the Liberty was attacked.

I'm interested in knowing if any of you can comment on this and if the Little Rock had secure, long-range, voice comms in June 1967. One author claims that the reason the unsecured voice comms took place is because the Little Rock didn't have secure long-range voice comms on June 8, 1967.

My understanding is that the Navy probably started rolling out secure long-range voice comms in 1964 at the latest as part of STEAMVALVE (Secure Tactical Electronic Amplitude Modulated Voice Actuated Long-range Vestigial Emanations). The TSEC/KG-13 transceiver was used with the HY-2 vocoder for long-range command and control in conjunction with the TSEC/KY-3 for local/tactical comms. These devices were components of the AUTOSEVOCOM (Automatic Secure Voice Communications) network. Comms isn't my area of expertise, I was a Boatswain's Mate, and so I welcome correction here.

Also, if anyone knows how to contact them, it would be great to hear from RMCS J. L. Fant (Ret.) and Dave Reid CT3 (CTA1, USN Ret.) on this subject. They were both working in comms on the Little Rock in June 1967. Thanks.
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