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Today, February 3, 2017, the first nuclear powered Air Craft Carrier, The USS Enterprise was formally decommissioned from the Navy.  For the 241 years our country has existed, a Navy ship with the name Enterprise has been afloat.  Not to worry shipmates, our past SecNav and shipmate, Ray Maybus, has carried on the tradition.  There is a new Enterprise, number 9, with the assigned number CVN 80, a Gerald R Ford -class carrier.
During my time on the Rock, I was fortunate to cruise with the Enterprise.  The first time was on a shakedown cruise, I think in 1962 in the Caribbean.  The water was like glass one day and the skipper said lets open her up.  My recollection was the Rock could do 32 knots and we were doing 33.  I looked out the port hole and 2 ships just went by us pretty fast.  It was the nuclear powered Enterprise and the USS Albany.  I will never forget that day.
I salute the Enterprise and all who served on and with her for service to our country, 1961-2017, 56 years of service.
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