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For several years there have been two photos on the bio page for Captain Henry G. Moran (CL92) which show Captain Moran with a group of un-named young ladies, all posing on the focs'l of the USS Little Rock CL92.

(The photos were obviously from the 1940's.)

I erroneously inferred from the photos' background images that the location was Newport, RI and that the identity of the ladies would forever remain a mystery.

Not so !!

This week I received from Tom Moran (Captain Moran's son) a photo album that has already been and will continue to be a source of information about the time his Dad was CO of LITTLE ROCK.

Included with the album were several article and photos that told me the location of the above referenced photos was NOT Newport, RI, but was indeed Marblehead, MA. And furthermore....  the names of the five young ladies in the two photos was provided in the article!

F.Y.I......  I LOVE this stuff! (It makes me feel like Dick Tracy.)

If you're interested, here a LINK to Capt. Moran's bio page


   Art Tilley - Webmaster

PS: Be sure to follow the Links of the above page for some other interest information on Captain Moran.

Art Tilley MT2 (Editor)

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Great stuff, Art.

What an interesting page on Captain Moran.   Your online site is a treasure-trove of information and this is just one aspect of the whole. 

Webmaster optimis optimus.

Frank E. Berglas
1st VP, Secretary/Treasurer
USS Little Rock Association
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