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This Mystery Photo isn't so much a "What Is It?" question, as it is a "Tell Us What You Know" question.

This piece of equipment, as well as several more like, it were commonplace on the Little Rock in the 60's and 70's. However, when I was aboard in 1962-1963 this was not aboard. It apparently came afterwards.

If you know any details about this neat looking piece of hardware, give us your input.

If you have any additional photos that we could use on the website, let us know.

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Art Tilley MT2 (Editor)


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The mystery photo is the Drone. They were aboard in 61 as V-2 Drone Detachment. The drone was used as target services for AA gunnery during the med cruise of 61.


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Art - Larry is right on the button.  A drone - and we did have them and their handlers aboard on the 1961 Med cruise.

I remember being at GQ, when the firing practice would occur.  As the phone talker for Captain Chenault I would get to relay info from the drone detachment to the Skipper.  Many were the times I would pass on the word, "Captain, drone's in the air."  Within a minute or two I'd inform him, "Sir, drone's in the water!"  He'd just roll his eyes.

Actually, the drone did fly much more often than not - but those very short parabolas were what I recall most.

Frank E. Berglas
1st VP, Secretary/Treasurer
USS Little Rock Association

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All I remember shooting at was sleeves for 5" AA practice and sleds for 6" surface engagements.  The missile guys may have shot at a drone, but I don't remember it. 

Maybe the drone pulled the sleeve?  Something had to pull it and I think it was tracked with an offset for the sleeve.   I don't think we were actually supposed to hit anything, but that whole scenario sure taxes my memory. 

Paul Jett FTG3, 1962-1965

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Looking at one of the boatcovers in the background are the letters CCD(F?) 12. To pinpoint the time could this be Commander Cruiser Destroyer Force/Flotilla 12?
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