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My wife and I had a antique Singer Sewing Machine, coffin top, for 35 years which we used in our home as a decoration piece in a large foyer.  We recently decided to find out when it was built.  After a few phone calls a Singer Company lady gave me an 800 number to call.  I gave the lady the serial number which she inputted in her computer.  She came back on the line and said, "your sewing machine was born on July 18, 1898". 
I tell that story because I just read the entire article of the birth of CL-92.  What a wonderful article to read and observe about our ship.  The  story of the sewing machine reminded me so much of  CL-92.  My compliments to those involved in the CL-92 article and if you haven't read the 92 story and enlarge the pictures, you have missed a blessing.

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Thanks for the nice story, and the nice compliment about the "birth of CL 92" article.

I'm not sure which of the many website articles pertaining to USS Little Rock CL92 you were referring to, but for the sake of other readers of your Message Board note, here are some of the articles pertaining to CL 92 on the Association website:

     Abbreviated History of CL 92

     Chronology 1941-1945

     Chronology 1946

     Chronology 1947-1956

     CL 92 “Official” Navy Photos

     Commanding Officers of CL 92

     CL 92 Crew Oral Histories

And....  if that's not enough, I'd suggest that you (or any other viewers) try clicking on some of the links that are included in each of the links.....  especially the links on the Commanding Officer's page.

Your feedback will be appreciated.

Happy "surfing" !!

   Art Tilley - Webmaster

Art Tilley MT2 (Editor)

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Nice story, Joe.  A sewing machine and a warship - the ultimate odd couple!
Frank E. Berglas
1st VP, Secretary/Treasurer
USS Little Rock Association
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