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You guys sure know how to keep the Webmaster busy!!!

As it turns out, BOTH wheels were used (at different times) over the life of LITTLE ROCK.

Reviewing all of the Cruise Books that I have, I found photos that show the helm wheel as follows:

A. The "round" (without "pegs") version is shown in photos in the following Cruise Books:

B. The "traditional" (with pegs) version is shown in:

So, now the question is: "Why was the ship's wheel altered?
Personal preference by the CO perhaps? (Traditional vs: modern)

Any ideas? Your input is appreciated.

    Best Regards,   Art Tilley MT2 62-63

Art Tilley MT2 (Editor)

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I heard that the peg version was removed when the rock returned to buffalo ny at the request of the captain.
was a seaman aboard the little rock.how many others in 2nd division deck force remember holy stoning the wooden decks. and also our trip through the suez canel reopening? well I was a seaman for two and a half years in geata italy untell i transfered to the stribling in 1976 or the first part of 77 any way i remember my duty as helmsman and while on the bridge i felt great my recent trip to bufflo to visit the rock .the only thing missing was the steering wheel. my best frind was john kalinoski hay ski how you doing look forward to hearing from you.well i could go on and on. putting up rat guards and general quarters away the golden fire parties remember that, well i was a bosenmate seaman 2nd div and our bos lt jr grade musmanno.
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